Elevate your style with Zitahli's exclusive service upgrade! We're thrilled to offer personalized name engraving on our wallets and passport holders. Plus, enjoy special giveaways with each purchase when you meet our promotion's criteria. Don't miss the chance to showcase your unique flair with Zitahli. Upgrade now!

Unlock Free Customization

Easily customize your wallet or passport holder with your name or initials on our product page. After selecting your personalization, our expert artisans will craft a unique piece with top-notch engraving techniques. Shop with us for a personalized touch to your accessories!

Upon receiving your order, our team will begin the detailed customization of your product. We employ advanced techniques for a precise engraving of your name on the chosen item, be it a wallet or passport holder, ensuring it reflects your personal style. Be aware that this craftsmanship adds two business days to the shipping schedule. We appreciate your patience as we meticulously create your unique accessory. Thank you for entrusting us with this task.

Your patronage means the world to us at Zitahli.com, and to extend our heartfelt gratitude, each tailor-made order is accompanied by a personally penned note of thanks. It's our pleasure to create an unforgettable experience by conveying our sincere thanks for choosing us. Serving you is our privilege.

Here at Zitahli.com, we take pride in expressing our gratitude through personalized, handwritten notes as a testament to our dedication to exceptional client care. Recognizing the value of individual relationships, we genuinely treasure your patronage of our brand. It's a privilege to be a part of your fashion adventures and we're truly thankful for the opportunity to cater to your needs. We’re deeply appreciative that you’ve selected our brand.

Each collection is automatically accompanied by an exclusive complimentary gift in a random color.
Wallet Collection
Credit Card Multitool
Luggage collection
Suitcase Tag & Luggage Strap
Bag collection
Bag Embroidery Keychain & Drink coaster
Card Holder
Credit Card Multitool
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