SB01-U Carbon Black

Zitahli RFID Bifold Wallet For Men Minimalist With 12 Card Holder Money Clip


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Zitahli slim men wallet is made of finest vegan leather & advanced RFID blocking technology. Slim and larger capacity.  Classic patterns, clean lines,  gift box package. What's more, Zitahli Wallet offer lifetime warranty, free shipping & 45-day return for your enjoyable shopping! Go with ease!


Tired of the dull colors in your pocket?

This is the wallet for you brightened up your life.

Available in over 16 different styles and colors

Nobody knows your inner better than Zitahli, including yourself.

Commitment to quality and sustainability

Responsible Sourcing- we use only premium vegan leather that is produced under strict quality management to ensure it will last you for years to come.

Sustainable- our sustainable materials minimize water and energy requirements, as well as the waste prevented with each leather piece.

Lifetime warranty

Zitahli wallets are all backed with lifetime warranty. Contact us anytime via Your Orders if you have any questions. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

Make the force be your way

This path has been placed before you. The choice is yours alone.It's especially useful for people on the go or travel a lot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Steven Marciniak

I have not received my order, let alone 14 days ago!! I have not had a response from customer service regarding my order. What's going on?? Please contact me at my cell phone # [****]

C&W Photography
Great Wallet

I replaced my previous RFID Blocking credit card holder with this wallet. I was using two items before this one. I had my wallet that held my ID and a couple of other things and then I had a RFID holder for my cards. Now everything is condensed into one.

This is a reply by the admin

Fit the Bill!

Great looking wallet and reduced my current wallet by 1/3rd size.

Cornelio miranda

Is nice but not to small like that looks on the pic

NDN Groomer
Very satisfied. Highly recommend

After finally having to accept the reality that my beloved wallet had lived a long and glorious life and that it was time to retire her, I spent probably way much longer time than I should have when looking for her replacement. To be fair, she had quite the legacy to live up to. Unlike other people who feel like they're an expert on everything and leave a ridiculously long thesis of a review trying to prove to the world how big of an expert they are on a product they've probably had no educational or professional training on, I'm going to stay in my lane and make this review short and simple. You may ask why and my answer is because I'm a dog trainer, not a wallet expert. You're welcome. When it comes to pet products and services I'm the one you want to talk to. This, however, is just a wallet living a wallet life. With that being said this wallet is doing exactly what a wallet is supposed to do. It keeps everything secure and in place. It looks really really nice and my kids tell me the RFID (?) security feature is good to have. My wife actually complimented my taste with this bad boy. The money clip is fantastic. Oh, I almost forgot that people who seem to be experts always review the box. Honestly, I don't know why because I've never decided to not buy something based on a review of the box it came in but for those of you who are waiting for the box review here you go. That does bring up another question I'd like to ask, you know what, never mind. My wife always says to pick my battles. Ok now back to the box revi... Well, Uhm, since I ripped it open without paying or giving it that much attention I'm assuming it was fine. I mean it was a box that the wallet was placed in before it was put in another box that was then shipped to me. So I can very cofidentally give the box a very enthusiastic "Okie Dokie"!! I apologize for all of you who were looking forward to a better and more detailed box review. I'll pay more attention next time. Thank you for your attention to my box review. Now back to the wallet. I did get the leather wallet. I'm not sure if there's a difference in quality but I'm assuming not. Bottom line is that this is a great wallet for a great price. You'll enjoy it and if you don't? Well, Amazon makes it really easy to send it back and start over again. I hope you will enjoy your wallet as much as I'm enjoying mine! Cheers!

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